Mixed Media on Canvas

  1. Humanity
  2. Hard as a Rock
    Hard as a Rock
  3. Melodrama
  4. The Baths
    The Baths
  5. Undisturbed
  6. No Hassle
    No Hassle
  7. Rocky Road
    Rocky Road
  8. Rock the Boat
    Rock the Boat
  9. Rock the Boat II
    Rock the Boat II
  10. Like a Rolling Stone
    Like a Rolling Stone
  11. Stepping Stone
    Stepping Stone
  12. Sticks & Stones
    Sticks & Stones
  13. Rock Bottom
    Rock Bottom
  14. On The Rocks
    On The Rocks
  15. Living Rock
    Living Rock
  16. River Rock
    River Rock
  17. Rock Steady
    Rock Steady
  18. Stone Age
    Stone Age
  19. Rock Formation
    Rock Formation
  20. Pebble Beach I
    Pebble Beach I
  21. Pebble Beach II
    Pebble Beach II
  22. Solid as a Rock I
    Solid as a Rock I
  23. Solid as a Rock II
    Solid as a Rock II
  24. Rock Wall
    Rock Wall
  25. Under a Rock
    Under a Rock
  26. Rock Wall Diptych
    Rock Wall Diptych
  27. Wind Chimes
    Wind Chimes
  28. Change Is Good
    Change Is Good
  29. Learn From Yesterday
    Learn From Yesterday
  30. Sea Glass I
    Sea Glass I
  31. Sea Glass II
    Sea Glass II
  32. New Chapter
    New Chapter
  33. Fish Out of Water
    Fish Out of Water
  34. Low Tide
    Low Tide
  35. The Perfect Storm
    The Perfect Storm
  36. A Storm Is Brewing
    A Storm Is Brewing
  37. Building Bridges
    Building Bridges
  38. Head Over Heels
    Head Over Heels
  39. Make a Deal I
    Make a Deal I
  40. Make a Deal II
    Make a Deal II
  41. In the Moment
    In the Moment

Archived Mixed Media Work